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School TourBIO:

At age 16, Rob Dyer felt overwhelmed by intense negativity when he lost his mom, both grandmothers and best friend to cancer within a very short period of time. He wanted to take the sadness he was experiencing and channel it into something positive, something that could help other people. He followed his impulses and acted on a dream: skateboarding from Los Angeles to Toronto. He was motivated by the strength his loved ones had shown during their battles with cancer, and he used the attention he garnered as a platform to spread cancer prevention awareness. Despite the difficulties he encountered, Rob’s perseverance and dedication to the cause rapidly attracted supporters and a Skate4Cancer community was born.

Building on these accomplishments, Rob toured internationally with various bands in order to spread his message on as large a scale as possible. With the lessons he learned, Rob eventually created his own national tour dubbed “The Cure in Knowledge” so that he could revisit the communities he had fostered and continue to help them build.

Between his tours, Rob has since performed several other skate marathons, hitting Canada, New Zealand and Australia. With each new skate comes a new audience and a fresh opportunity to get people excited about cancer prevention.

As his organization has grown, so too have Rob’s dreams. His new focus aims to foster a supportive community through a physical location in Toronto known as the Dream.Love.Cure Drop-in Centre.


The evening will begin with an introductory screening of the short documentary “Dream-Love-Cure”, which covers the growth of Skate4Cancer from its inception to current state. This will familiarize the audience with Rob’s history, our organization and the direction we are moving in.

Rob will then deliver a motivational talk, elaborating on how to transform a negative experience into something constructive. He will highlight the importance of following your passions in life and remaining focused despite any hurdles, illuminating his points with specific references to his unique experiences and adventures. In addition to these inspiring topics, Rob will address his own passion - cancer prevention.

Through this evening, we aspire to leave these towns and communities feeling compelled to rally together and build on their own special energy. We want to inspire the development of local S4C chapters, with the shared goal of raising hope and providing support.

In addition to the film and speech, the tour will also be accompanied by live music performances, a tool that has always amplified the message of our tours in the past. Musicians have always helped us by putting their music toward the cause, communicating the message through song. Over the past three years several up-and-coming artists have been involved in our tours and other events, including City and Colour, SHAD, Lights and The Wooden Sky.

Proceeds from the spring tour will go toward building and developing the Dream.Love.Cure. centre, which Rob will also discuss during his visit with your school.

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