Our Mission



Skate4Cancer strives to hype up youth on the importance of cancer prevention and community building.


When Skate4Cancer first came to fruition, Rob Dyer was sixteen years old. He had lost a mother, both grandmothers and a best friend to cancer. He had witnessed the people he loved fighting the toughest battles of their lives, and he wanted to redirect his sadness by pushing himself as hard as he could. The idea to skateboard from Los Angeles to Toronto came to him, and he went for it. All of the attention that he gained while touring through the many towns were used as a platform to spread knowledge on cancer prevention awareness.

At the core, this is what Skate4Cancer will always be about. Our heart is pure and simple. Although we have expanded our reach over the years, S4C is still just a bunch of motivated, gnarly skateboarders who want to raise money and awareness while performing marathons across countries. We strive to actively grow a community that fosters discussion and support. We are a strictly volunteer based organization and we redirect any financial proceeds towards various hospitals and causes we believe in. Working with our community, we can use the combined passion to drastically reduce the presence of cancer.


  • Raise awareness through skateboard marathons in various countries
  • Bring attention to cancer prevention
  • Maintain an open and unabashed dialogue related to cancer
  • Create a strong sense of community
  • Donate all proceeds to hospitals and charities
  • Encourage volunteer involvement




The Cure is Knowledge encourages healthy living and an active lifestyle focused on cancer prevention.


Armed with the understanding that 80% of cancers can be prevented with early detection and healthy lifestyles, The Cure is Knowledge proposes that the only cure currently available is knowledge. We aim to create a public awareness of these forms of cancer, emphasizing the importance of understanding our bodies and family histories.

By creating educational campaigns that are easy to understand, we hope to inspire youth to incorporate preventative methods into their busy lives. Our approach includes informative videos, social media pushes and effective blogs as well as several informative campaigns including Self-Breast Exam, You are what you eat, Light Up a Smile and Hair4Cancer.

Our goal is to bring together a community in support of these movements - one that will pass the knowledge on to others. By instilling positive habits in young people we can create a generation of people that are well informed on preventative healthy living and being familiar with their bodies.

The Cure is Knowledge often takes its campaigns on the road, travelling on tours with some of our favourite bands. Musicians have helped us in the past by lending their music to the cause and communicating the message via song. Over the past three years several up-and-coming artists have been involved in our tours and other events, including City and Colour, SHAD, Lights and The Wooden Sky.

Participating in The Cure is Knowledge isn’t about money, it’s about involving yourself in active prevention - use your own body as a way to join our fight!


  • To develop accessible, informative campaigns on cancer prevention
  • To reach youth through various outlets: social networking, The Cure is Knowledge website & international tours
  • To encourage learning in a positive environment
  • To provide a wide catalogue of resources for those seeking more information




The DREAM.LOVE.CURE Centre will be a physical place to gather and energize our community while offering respite and education to friends and family of individuals with cancer.


The Dream.Love.Cure. Drop-in Centre is a dream with a very clear vision and direction. The centre would serve as a place for all different types of people within the community, affected by cancer or not, to come and feel supported, get information and feel loved. We envision this facility as a canvas upon which the network of people helping people can be displayed through counseling, crisis support, public speaking and educational events as well as a variety of Skate4Cancer events.

The centre will contain a S4C gallery, which will showcase the many Skate4Cancer and Cure is Knowledge campaigns. It will be a place where youth and adults can visit and learn about the different kinds of community and global efforts S4C is making. We will have staff on hand to answer any questions and provide education on ways to apply the knowledge they’ve learned to their own lives.

The centre would also serve as an administrative home-base and allow our staff to be that much more effective. As we have grown rapidly, we have seen an ever increasing workload with the organization and man power necessary to bring all of our campaigns to life. Being able to attach a formal street address to a store-front type space in downtown Toronto is the next logical step in our growth and will provide us a place to train the volunteers that will be so vital to us as the organization continues to grow.

We intend to have a full calendar at the centre rotating a regular schedule with special one-time events. These could include community meetings to discuss our programs, recent news or advancements in the fight against cancer, or even promotion of other healthy lifestyle type organizations. Special guest speakers are also expected.

Dream.Love.Cure. also relies heavily upon sales of t-shirts and other accessories to help fund its initiatives where possible. To date, these retail items have been sold on tour and online, generally at cost. These items are absolutely integral to the awareness the organization has achieved over the last few years. Our plan would devote a small portion of the space to design and sell these garments and accessories. We want every person who visits the space to leave feeling educated, empowered, and willing to share what they’ve learned with others to promote the community. The garments and accessories are a major part of our message, and will be available at the centre.

The DLC space would be open to the public, so people could stop by at any time to speak to someone about the education and programs we promote. Currently, the Skate4Cancer community is predominantly youth-oriented. We feel this is another reason to consider establishing a headquarters downtown – giving kids a positive environment to visit, learn and benefit from. Many kids feel it’s easier to share their stories with Skate4Cancer volunteers whether it’s cancer battles of their own or battles that they’ve watched loved ones have to fight. This space would give us the opportunity to sit down for one-on-one talks with kids who need to talk, share, grieve and heal. We will also eventually offer a space to accommodate families from outside of the Toronto area with family members receiving treatment in the city.

Cancer is a scary subject for everyone, and having a forum for education, discussion and community building will serve to give people in Toronto abroad an opportunity they may not have otherwise had. Donations made to the Dream.Love.Cure. movement will go toward building and running the drop-in centre, and will support people affected directly and indirectly by cancer.


  • Build a community, connecting cancer survivors as well as their friends and family
  • Provide a physical space that people can visit to seek or provide help
  • Offer counselling and education
  • Provide a free space for fundraising events, hosting meetings or spending time with other members of the cancer community