The tricky topic of cellphones & cancer

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Isn’t it the WORST when the things you love turn out to be bad for you?

The World Health Organization announced last week that cell phones might raise the risk of brain cancer. At first I focused on the “might” and decided not to change my ways. I like to sleep with my phone right beside my bed… sometimes in it. Plus headsets make people look crazy, right?

But then today I got to thinking… ignoring a health warning from the UN doesn’t fit very well with my preventative lifestyle. Am I going to eat healthy all the time and not smoke, but then get brain cancer from my cell phone because I couldn’t be bothered to get a headset? What’s a girl to do!?

I think this is something we need to alert our phone providers to. If they offered better hands-free options I’d be more willing to explore them. Tell your phone company to design more practical headset options!

I’d love to think of other ways to promote preventative cell phone usage – obviously our phones aren’t going anywhere. But, if we can use them in a way that decreases our risk of brain cancer, that’s obviously awesome.

Let’s brainstorm some solutions together! Does anyone have ideas?

  • Morgan Coates

    don’t sleep w/ your phone under your pillow

  • Julia

    Good to know! I always sleep with my phone in my bed right next to my pillow, but I think I’ll put it somewhere else from now on.

    You could stop calling people and start texting them, this way your phone isn’t so close to your head/brain. 

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