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Sooo remember that time when Rob was on LA INK? He got a neck tattoo for the 2010 New Zealand and Australia skate, an old school skate wheel with the words push past. He talked with both Dan Smith and Kat Von D about Skate4Cancer and the meaning behind the tattoo. You can check it out here.


We all love tattoos right? I mean even if you don’t have any, you admire the people that do, because you know there is something behind that tattoo, well hopefully. There is something about knowing that these art pieces actually have stories behind them, some spontaneous, about friendship, about moving forward, some heartbreaking, some heartwarming, and some that simply just, inspire.

We want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has gotten Skate4Cancer/DreamLoveCure tattoos. It truly is amazing and we love you. If you want to share yours below and/or the story behind it, we’d love to see/hear it :) In the comments section, just click image and find the file. :)

  • Gtorres2

    This is my tattoo for my best friend fighting cancer ! It says s4c in her helmet!
    Even though the painting is smoking a smoke we don’t promote smoking, she just symbolizes a bad ass chick ass if to say screw cancer

  • Gtorres2

    Won’t let me load the image sorry

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