Skate4Cancer at The Forks Winnipeg

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Oh maaan, this weekend was huge. Like, 3000 people huge. Hey Winnipeg, Skate4Cancer loves you!! We showed up to the Forks Skatepark greeted by the most pumped crowd, listening to incredible local bands and rappers who set the mood for the entire day. Comps and giveaways were happening constantly and the vibe was the definition of positive.
We’d like to give a quick shout out to Jay Fulmore and his team; guys, we’re so grateful for your support, and amazed at your organizational/promotional skills. Also, we can’t forget to thank Green Apple Skateboard Shop for holding down the Manitoba/Peg scene as well as MTS for their financial support of the event and S4C.
It’s so epic to watch this event grow every year, getting bigger and more popular while somehow maintaining a family feel. This stuff warms our hearts.

Big ups!

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