Jetting off to Winnipeg

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This is the best. The BEST! First Winnipeg gets their team back (go jets) then we get to cruise down there for our favourite annual event. Every year we do The Cure is Knowledge at the Forks skatepark and it’s always so much fun. There’s just no competing with the Peg’s hype ass crowd. Those kids go nuts, and it gets us waaaay too stoked.
So basically what happens is a ton of local bands come out to jam, little thrashers show up, and we all get to ripping. There are a bunch of prizes and giveaways so people get mega into that, but more importantly, Rob shows up and talks to anyone and everyone about Skate4Cancer’s health and prevention campaigns.
So far, every year we’ve done this has been mayhem. Last year over 3000 people showed up and the vibe was really indescribable. These are the kinds of events that make everything worth it for us. Just a bunch of great people getting together and sharing positive energy…it’s what summer is all about!
So if you’re in Manitoba and wanna have the best Saturday of your summer so far, get to the Forks.

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