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It’s never fun asking for help.

Whether you need someone to lean on in a tough time, or some guidance with a math equation, admitting you can’t do something all by yourself isn’t fun. You can’t help but feel a little defeated.

At Skate 4 Cancer, we are motivated by the incredible supportive community you have helped us to build. We are compelled to keep fighting, to take our cause around the world and increase awareness on cancer prevention. And because we feel so comfortable with you all, we’re ready to admit - we could use a little help.


We’re heading to France next month to skate from Paris to the Plateau de Beille. Visiting this country has been an important goal for us, as we’ve received such an amazing outpouring of support from our friends over there. We want to grab the attention of youth, to raise awareness on cancer and share that we can stop this disease with knowledge. We want to bridge our community with this continent, to meet with the people who have shown us so much love. Plus, we want to show our followers elsewhere that we’ll never give up. We went through some tough times in Australia, but we’re ready to push past.

What we’re asking for:

We could use some help getting in touch with companies to help cover our flights and to acquire a support vehicle for our team. We have a crew made entirely of volunteers, ready to help us meet our mission. These amazing people will not only be helping to make the skate happen, but will be documenting the process via film, photographs and blogs.

We’re a volunteer-based, grassroots organization, currently in the middle of getting our official charity status. This means that we are still unable to accept direct donations. We are so grateful to the amazing sponsors who have helped by supporting us to complete our earlier marathons - without their help, our past skates would not have been possible.

A call to action!

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…

It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

- Vivian Greene

It’s in typical Skate 4 Cancer fashion to have to fight for what we love. Some skates come easier than others. Some obstacles are easier to overcome. But we believe we can accomplish anything if we put our whole hearts into it.

Here’s what you can do for us: pass this around. Share our story with anyone you know who you think might be able to lend a hand. Do you know of a company you think would want to help out?

Please leave comments with any ideas you have, or get in touch with us at [email protected]


  • Julia

    Your team for the skate is probably already complete, but if not I’d be glad to work as a volunteer. So if you need another helping hand just let me know :)

  • Dreamlovecure

    Are you going to Lyon ? You will have an amazing time !!! Much of love <3

  • Dreamlovecure

    Are you going to Lyon ? You will have an amazing time !!! Much of love <3

  • Dyer6903

    All the Best in France !

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