Get Outside

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…..Hey parents, your kids are getting dangerously fat. Not cool. In fact a Canadian organization monitoring child health gave our nation’s kids an F when it comes to exercise. Guys really? A freakin’ F!? And the worst part is that the test is sooo easy; to get a passing grade all your kid needs to do is get one hour of exercise a day. One hour, that’s it. HOW ARE WE GETTING AN F?
…..Alright, everybody just relax, we can deal with this. It’s spring right? K, so the experts have said that kids who have succeeded most are the ones who get hype after school. I guess there’s something about the combination of good weather and no teachers that makes for a perfect road hockey game (CAR!).
…..Also, turns out that “hyper-parenting”, otherwise known as “I’m scared my kid might do a lay-up and spontaneously combust” is one of the reasons our kids aren’t burning the calories they should be. So keep an eye on ‘em and make sure they’re safe, but don’t let your worries turn into type 2 child diabetes.
Get Outside!


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