Kind gestures

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…..The big picture is hard to fully grasp, and if you’re lucky enough to wrap your head around it there’s often a paralyzing effect. Like “whoa, there is a whole lot of suffering out there, where could I possibly begin?” I mean there’s poverty, disease, pollution, depression, AHHH!!
…..But then someone on the subway smiles at you or a friend sends you a sweet text and your nerves calm. It gives you that brief moment to forget the big picture and remember the small one; people are good, the world will be okay, somewhere a kitten is playing with a puppy while a baby is giggling at the butterfly that has landed on it’s nose…and the butterfly is wearing a t-shirt that says “you’re special”. Phew.
…..Chances are you have a friend or two that are fully engulfed by their own personal big pictures who are freaking out a little, even as you read this. Or maybe you see someone on the street having a rough day for whatever reason. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be scared, this is your chance to give them that little breather.
…..Once in a while, when you find yourself going over your Facebook newsfeed for the third time in 10 minutes, close your laptop and send someone a nice text, or call and say something sweet. Even better, meet up in person and give ‘em a quick hug.
…..Your little gesture could be the butterfly on the baby’s nose.

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Daniel Tal

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