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Wow! Does time fly or what? 2014 marks 10 years since our first skate! We want to thank all of you for being a part of our S4C family. Your constant support, kind words, encouragement, and hugs have helped us to grow and evolve. You guys are the best!

This past year we embarked on a very special venture here in Toronto - our first ever S4C Shop! Even though we were only “popped-up” for 5 months it was an absolutely amazing experience. After spending many years on the road with some of our best friends, we wanted to have a place where you could come at anytime to visit Rob and the S4C team, share stories, or pick up your favourite t-shirt. We also wanted to get more involved with our online shop and personally pack and send out every package, each with a special little note. This gave us a chance to learn about and connect with our supporters all over the world!

In addition to the home of S4C merchandise, we imagined the S4C shop would help inspire our community through art events, DJ nights, and in store performances. Well guess what - It was all of you who inspired us! Through your time, support, clothing sales, and generous donations we were able to donate over $5,000 to our friends at Movember and over $15,000 to our friends at Wellspring. The support we received from our local and global community blew us away! We’re so happy to have met and worked with all the beautiful hearts during the S4C Shop’s 5 months in Toronto.

What about the Dream Love Cure Centre? We’re glad you asked!

Many of you have been following the development of the Dream Love Cure Centre since the idea came to fruition in 2011. We envisioned a public youth oriented drop in centre where people could stop by at any time to speak with someone about our many educational programs that would take place in this space, share stories with Skate4Cancer volunteers, and an event space to further grow our community.

In 2011, we learned that Wellspring was developing the educational and support programs we wanted to see take place at the centre and that’s when it dawned on us - lets bring these two amazing organizations together to accomplish the mission of the Dream Love Cure Centre! All proceeds from S4C clothing sales, events, and donations are put directly into Wellspring’s funding and development of a variety of programs like Nourish, nutrition-based sessions that teach cancer patients and their family members about healthy nutritional practices pertaining to cancer and wellness; And You Can Connect, a program that provides a space for young adults, aged 18 to 39, who have been diagnosed with cancer, for conversation, networking and education, in a relaxed, social environment. Wellspring is a welcoming and safe community where you will meet others who are dealing with the many challenges cancer can bring.

So, is the Dream Love Cure centre going to open? We believe it already has.

Over the last 10 years we’ve skated across multiple countries, joined forces with our favourite bands and tours, and visited schools around the globe all raising awareness and spreading knowledge of early cancer prevention and detection. Through clothing sales, community events, and the S4C Shop we’ve donated over $150,000 to Wellspring to help fund educational and support programs for individuals and families affected by cancer. And through your letters, videos, contributions, and one-on-ones, we’ve had to opportunity to talk, share, greave, heal, and hope together. This is what Dream Love Cure is all about. This has been the mission that fueled Rob and the entire Skate4Cancer team from the beginning and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting every step of Skate4Cancer’s journey. Thank you for a beautiful 10 years.

  • Stu Gilkison

    Thank you for doing the heavy lifting Rob. I am incredibly blessed by knowing you. I will always be in your corner.

  • Jay

    Hi Rob please email me your email address so we can connect about our mutual great efforts and dedication with skate and cancer. [email protected]

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