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Attention all hat lovers! We are in the works of planning another New Era hat and would love to get some input from you guys. I know some of you are totally freaking out right now, in a good way of course. So let’s get to it. We want to know what you would like to see for:

- Colour(s)
- Design
- Logos

We would really appreciate your thoughts. Oh and if you want to order the current New Era hat, it can be purchased at West 49 and other hat/skate shops in your town. And if your shop would like to pick them up for their store you can place an order with New Era.

  • Salt2029

    would it be okay if i design one and send it to you?

  • Amber Whitty

    I would suggest putting the Dream.Love.Cure logo on the front (full colour) and S4C on the back.

  • Sarah Bisch

    I’d like it if this hat was fitted and not backed with the gold. Center of the back of the head could be the S4C logo, a little bit smaller. Or even reversed with the S4C logo on the front instead, but in white. Black caps and some grey New Era fitted caps would be awesome too.

  • M Juszczyk

    The 4 should be behind Skate and Cancer

  • Fretless83

    I like my caps fitted, darker colours but not black, and somewhat understated logos…the kind that people have to ask what it is so I get to talk about one of my favorite organizations.

  • Rachel K

    i would love a more practical hat that could wear at camp/at the beach during the summer, the current one is to big and it dosent look right when the brim in curved. possibly something with a smaller S4C logo on it? it would be awesome to get some lighter more summery colours going in the hats to some light blues, and purples, or reds and oranges? something more summery and pretty, and possible more girly

  • Ian

    It would be cool if you guys made a black trucker hat with the S4C logo in like a patch on the front, simple (:

  • Skate4CancerSkate4Life

    i think i dream love cure hat, and where the S4C is on the back of the hat, you should have the three hearts, and either white or black

  • Matt Kramer 77

    definetly a black hat with “SK8 4 Cancer on the front and ” DREAMLOVECURE on the back :)

  • lara zupancic

    hey! so i checked up on google a bit and got to this point, most of the sk8 hats are completely black with logos on it and all, cause it looks cool.

    you could try to wake up something new - i would suggest a light grey color (you know, the one that is a bit marble look-a-like) with black and white combo of logos and stuff, or you could use LIVE COLORS! green or something (but nice green, not too dark or the shiny one ), i think this could work in combination with white color. you could put the ”Skate 4 Cancer” on the front and ”FIND THE CURE” on the back of the hat and under (find the cure) the ”Dream. Love. Cure.” sign, in smaller version or maybe the website or something.

    however if we stay with black color and all, i would still try to bring some life with live colors (as i mentioned them before). on the right or on the left side you could put the ”The cure is knowledge” sign and maybe again - ”Skate 4 Cancer” on front and ”FIND THE CURE” on the back and you can make combinatons with colors whatever you like (orange, green…)

    i complicate things, but if you take time to read and imagine it, the grey one could look okay (:

  • Anonymous

    The a lot of important affair for caps that are traveling to be beat in the winter is that they are warm.

    Fedora Hats

  • Jimmywernerr

    defiantly a trucker hat style!   

  • DJ PJ

    skate for cancer beanie :) all black and the white S4Cancer logo

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