White Lines Left Behind

Posted in 2010 New Zealand / Australia Skate.

Ah, the Road; she gives and she gives, and we are better men for it. I read that in a skate mag a while back and thought of it as somewhat of a prophecy.  And so it has been for the last week…or I guess I should say first week.

The way it comes about is through the steady passing of white lines under your deck that send you into a kind of meditation. It’s not a contrived or intentional attempt to enter some transcendental state, just a basic zone out. Then all of a sudden a truck cuts past, or your calve muscle spasms, or the feeling simply becomes so intense that it reveals itself and recedes with as much mystery as it arrived. But despite their briefness, those are the ecstatic moments. They’re the times when thoughts don’t just sound like your voice talking a mile a minute, but rather bolster a rare clarity.

Luckily certain remnants echo out of the vastness and there’s a realization that maybe something has changed. The resulting calmness is difficult to describe, but chances are you’ve experienced it. For me, that’s the joy of skating.

And we’ve been doing a lot of that…obviously. Once the day is done though, we have to find a place to go about the enticing business of finding a place to wash up and hopefully get a couple hours of shut-eye. Generally we sink-shower in fast food bathrooms, leading to us leaving with both awkwardness and combed hair.

Parking lots have been our bedrooms and the gravel our mattresses. May sound kinda tough, but when the stars are your ceiling things don’t seem that bad. Of course waking up the next day covered in dirt and bugs with a kinked neck and a face full of mosquito bites takes away some of the mystique.

But we’ve managed to shake that all off and get going everyday. On day 4 of the skate, Rob and I got separated from Geoff and James (they wait for us 10 KM ahead in Lucy, our traveling palace), and ended up waaaaay past the meeting point. There wasn’t much we could do except keep going, so that’s what we did. Eventually it had been so many hours that the sun was going down faster then the dwindling water supply, and we decided to sit down and hope for the best.

It’s amazing what being lost together can do for a friendship. We talked a bunch about life and Skate4Cancer, and managed to get a lot of stuff sorted in our heads. Finally we decided to give up on the idea of being found by the rest of the team and stuck our thumbs out to hopefully snag a ride back into the closest city. About 20 minutes into that our beat-up Telstar rolled around the corner with a very relieved crew, and we jumped in to get a drink. Alls well that ends well right? Right.

See you on Sunday for the first video blog update. Geoff from The New BEAT has been putting it together, and if I were you I’d check the site every 5 minutes to see if it’s up!
Live fast, skate faster.

Daniel + The S4C Team

Photography by The New BEAT (Geoff Watson)

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