The Swarms

Posted in 2010 New Zealand / Australia Skate.

Our journey has taken a very strange, unexpected, and almost surreal turn.

For the first time in many years, Northern Victoria (the state through which we are traveling) has been blanketed with a swarm of Locusts. Now, I want to make this clear. I’m not talking about a few bugs here or there, and a little swarm hanging over a pond or river. I am talking about everywhere you look, clouds of Locusts jumping and flying to the point where they are almost blotting out the sun. Our van has officially become a Locust killing machine, and we can’t drive anywhere without hearing the now familiar pitter-patter of Locusts slamming into the van. And these little buggers aren’t tiny. Some of them can reach up to five inches in length, enough that they start to look more like small animal than bug. For all of us in the van, this a surreal experience, and for the farmers who work this rough landscape, it is a devastating one. Locusts are known to devour crops, and can travel as much as 70kms in one day. Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that this swarm let’s up, because although they don’t bite, I’m pretty sure Rob is sick of them slamming into his face on a constant basis while he skates.

Another swarm we’ve been experiencing, and one we’re much more happy about, is the swarm of people watching the new Drop-In center video. As I write this blog, over 5,000 people have watched the video and it keeps climbing. This is GREAT news for the drop-in center, and just as exciting as all the views are all of the wonderful comments. It seems this video has really made people start to think, and there is an amazing amount of wonderful ideas and thoughts pouring in. We couldn’t be happier. It’s giving us all here a great energy and push to keep going, and to get back home and really get this Drop-In center going.

One of the endeavors Rob is undertaking on his return is to tour various universities in the US and Canada, both to raise money and awareness for the Drop-In center. Unfortunately this means he will have to give up his place as a regular fixture on Warped Tour, but we all think it’s worth it. It should be a great start to a very hard push once we’re back, and believe me, when it comes to this Drop-In center, there is no turning back. It’s not a question of if it is going to happen anymore, just when and where.

So, we here at Skate4Cancer would like to personally thank all of you for following us, watching, and contributing to the growth of this organization. As much as Skate4Cancer is inspiring to so many people, it’s those same people that inspire Skate4Cancer.

Jamie + The S4C Team

Photography by The New BEAT

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