The Journey Begins

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Aotearoa. The Land of the Long White Cloud. We touched down on a wind-swept rainy day in the early morning, greeted by a vast landscape of lush green pastures that surround the grand city of Auckland. The sign welcomed us to The City of Sails, our starting point for the Skate4Cancer 2010 skate across New Zealand & Australia.

Things are different here. For one thing, the ground isn’t covered by a thick layer of brown slushy snow; it’s summer here, and the warm breeze is an appreciated change. The accent is pretty cute too, spoken by a hospitable and friendly new people: Kiwis, (that’s what they call themselves here in NZ!).

Once we got settled in with our amazing hosts Chris, James and Clare, the team sat down to discuss the journey we will be embarking on in less then two days. It’s gonna be pretty gnarly, which is something we’ve gotten kinda used to at this point.

The most pressing issue is the unfamiliar roads. They’re super windy, constantly going up and down hills or mountains and worst of all, the way they’re constructed seems specifically designed to scare ambitious skateboarders. Rocky, pebbly, narrow and shoulderless for the most part, our path will take us from Auckland all the way south to Dunedin. The locals think it’s ridiculous, but we’ve heard that before. We forgot about impossible a long time ago.

In any case, while Rob’s sweating his way through the North Island and down the east coast of the South Island, you’ll be able to watch weekly video updates and read 2 weekly blogs detailing the skate.

Also, and most important of all, you’ll get to peep a ton of information on how to take steps to avoid getting cancer. This is part of our campaign known as The Cure is Knowledge. Because the ozone layer is very depleted in this region of the world, we’ll be focusing on the dangers of Skin Cancer and how you can avoid it. More to come on that.

So check back every Sunday for a video update, and Tuesdays/Fridays for new blogs. The Fellowship of the Skate is formed. The journey begins. Send us ideas and encouragement, wish us luck and stuff. We’re stoked!


Daniel + The S4C Team

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