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A few months back, Skate4Cancer entered into an online event known as theAviva Community Fund. Aviva offered inspired people a chance to present their dreams and have the public vote on which ones they supported through two rounds, while the final would be decided by judges. We poured our hearts out to family, friends and supporters asking for all the votes you could muster. And you gave them to us in such overwhelming numbers that we received the highest amount of votes out of all the organizations in both rounds.

Tonight, from the other side of the world where we’re pushing everyday to spread awareness, we discovered that through this contest some really amazing ideas have received a huge boost in fulfilling their goals. Unfortunately ours was not one of them.

Before anything else we would like to congratulate those who did win financial support from Aviva, and wish all of you the best of luck. You’re changing the world, and we admire you for it. Also, to those who did not make it through the first, second or final rounds, we hope you’ll stay strong and continue to pursue the things you feel passionate about.

It’s never been easy for Skate4Cancer to accomplish its goals. We’re a grassroots organization that has very few resources when it comes to operating, but that’s always been a part of the realness. When we placed first in the initial round of voting we were astonished by the massive support. Round 2 showed us that there are more people than we could have imagined who believe S4C needs a home-base to operate out of and expand our campaigns. The final round was decided by judges, but we now know where the people stand on this one.

Because of that, we are determined to meet the goal set out at the start of the Aviva contest; to open a Skate4Cancer drop-in centre in the heart of downtown Toronto. From this centre we can run S4C, promote our various campaigns and provide respite and a general hang-out for those suffering from the presence of Cancer around them.

When we return from the 2010 Skate across New Zealand & Australia, we will be teaming up with some good friends in a bunch of bands as well as our sponsors and supporters to throw a giant fundraiser which will help us build that centre. For better or worse, we no longer know how to give up.

Thank you a miliion-trillion times over to everyone who voted once, twice, everyday. To the people who told their friends, Tweeted, Facebooked, and generally tolerated Rob’s constant pleas, you are our heroes. Your voice has been heard, so our idea is going to be a reality. This is the beginning of something big, and we’re so excited.

See you at the S4C drop-in centre.

Dream. Love. Cure.

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