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Last time we spoke I felt a little spark. I don’t wanna jump the gun or anything, but I feel like we have something special going you know? Anyways it’s been a crazy week, and since we’re BFFs now I’m sure you won’t mind letting me talk it out for a quick minute.

The weather. Some say it’s a lame topic but for real, it’s been an ordeal lately. You know those ads you see for beautiful, sunny and tropical New Zealand? Ya, “tropical” is the vital word there. It’s been raining a lot lately, and as a result of our non-water proof tent- that’s right, some hilarious person invented those- we’ve been waking up drenched in water. Nothing to get crazy about, but it really is tough to wrap up camp when everything and everyone is soaking wet.

Nah, the real issue is trying to skate in the pouring rain; bearings bust out almost as fast as boards soak through. Pair those things along with wet grip tape and insanely slippery roads and you’ve got yourself a recipe for road kill. The last thing we want to do is slide out in front of a rain-blinded truck and turn into just another flat highway decoration.

Honestly though, the major factor is mental. The rain just plays with your head and mocks any idea of southward progress. Luckily we’ve had some well-appreciated boosts, not the least of which have been government employees. The road workers get super stoked when we skate through highway construction, pushing us forward with mad positive energy.

A different kind of government worker has also lent us unexpected encouragement: Cops. Sweet right? Our car Lucy has been pulled over, and the skaters have been approached. But instead of tedious lectures and figurative roadblocks the cops get pumped and happily take flyers to give to their kids. It’s hype when a cruiser zooms past with a wave and a honk. You could say we’re bridging the gap over here in NZ, no big deal.

And of course, the real and indisputable mental boost is bombing around a winding corner only to glimpse a towering, snow-peaked mountain. The views dudes, the views. Oh! I forget to mention R2D2. We camped by the side of the road one night and started hearing the weirdest robot noises. Everyone was freaking, being like “Seriously, what IS that?” Turns out we had a wonderful little bird that chirped out flawless Star Wars sound-effects followed by a pretty little song. You probably won’t believe me, but we chatted with it. R2D2 is our friend, I don’t care if you think we’re crazy.

So all in all, the team has been getting closer and we’re in a generally amazing state of mind. Jokes are abundant, beans are plentiful and ideas are flowing. We’re working hard for the cause and seeing a good reaction from Kiwis. Keep sending us love over the net and make sure to stay up on the video blogs which give a sweet picture of the day to day, and also help keep you healthy.

Nice. Stay real young hobbits.

Daniel + The S4C Team

P.S. The Beatles…think about it.

Photography by The New BEAT

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