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Where are my manners? If we’re all gonna be hanging out this much, you should probably know our names. Here, I’ll get everyone acquainted.

Right now the S4C team consists of 4 dudes. Everyone has his own job on the skate and his own little room inside our traveling mansion, who you should know is named Lucy.

If I find Rob’s socks in my little space (which I do…often…serenity now) or Geoff sees garbage on his gear or anything as offensive as that, things get hectic. So we try to respect everyone’s spot. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

Let’s talk Geoff. That’s Geoff with a G not a J, and if you screw that up you’re in for a world of lectures. “That’s how it was originally spelled!” or “It’s way less boring!” and so on. But he’s honestly so good at getting positive vibes going at any time. Everyday, no matter what, he’ll randomly say “Have I told you dudes that I love you?” And we’re all like “No Geoff, not yet” and he’s all “K sweet, cause I do. I love you guys.” How good?

Geoff is also the traveling faction of an amazing art collective known as The New BEAT, and he’s working on all the sick vids that get posted every week. If you saw the conditions he works in, you’d be even more amazed at the quality of those video blogs. Plus, you know the photos that accompany the blog? Geoff. Brap!

Moving along, we have the foreigner who speaks weird but doesn’t think he speaks weird. He’s always saying “Throw some shrimp on the Barby” and we’re like “Dude, there’s no shrimp and no barbeque, so just tone it down for like 2 minutes, seriously.” His name is James, and he’s the funniest Australian you’ll ever meet. He’s also super chill and vegan. Somehow he maintains a functioning body that’s fueled strictly by bread, margarine and an avocado if he can get his hands on one.

James’ job on the skate is being the driver/DJ/all-around comedian. When he’s not revving Lucy or searching the sky for UFOs he’s choosing the soundtrack of our summer. Not a bad gig right? Oh, he wouldn’t want me to tell you, but people give him a hard time for being Aussie even though he doesn’t deserve it. Cheer him up with some comments on the site or the Youtube videos.

Of course the skate wouldn’t be a skate without Mr.Rob Dyer. Scratch that Mister, it’s just Robby D to me. Dude is epic. You tell him not to do something and he’ll do it. Tell him it’s impossible and he’ll do it twice, or in the case of skating across a country, four times once the 2010 skate is done. Rob can be really intense and serious on occasion, but for the most part he’s making constant jokes and flashing those heavy pearlies that crack everyone up.

I’ve never met anyone who’s as stoked on the road as him. When we come across a motel or someone’s couch for the night, Rob’s the first one to sleep on the floor. At first we thought he was being nice, but I’m starting to think that he’s just used to being uncomfortable after all these years traveling.

Obviously his job is to skate. He does it everyday no matter how hurt he is or how annoying the route is. When we finish each day, his next duty is getting down to getting people down. You know this; you’ve seen the Facebook posts, the MySpace posts, the Tweets, texts and e-mails. He never stops, he never quits. That’s the nature of Skate4Cancer, and it’s based on his relentless energy.

Honestly though Rob, stop playing S-Club 7- you’re killing me. And don’t get anymore Skate4Cancer tattoos. We get it, you like the organization.

Last but not least there’s little ol’ me. I’ve been on the S4C tip for quite a while now, writing a lot for the site and dealing with some press etc. But it’s my honour to be participating from such a real point, at the ground level where stuff gets gnarlier than I can capture in a blog.

I act tough sometimes, but when it comes down to it I’m a pretty sensitive guy. Don’t tell anyone, but I watched “Love Actually” the other day and got a little teary…I shouldn’t have told you that. The only thing I dig almost as much as piano is writing and as such it’s my main duty to spit out a couple blogs every week. Other duties include some tour managing and providing homie-support for Robby. But most of all I’m just super into a cause which helps remind people that hope is everything and everywhere.

So I guess that’s it, your friendly neighbourhood Skate4Cancer team. Send us love, post sweet ideas on the site and help fight the good fight.

Signing off,
Daniel + The S4C Team


Photography by The New BEAT

  • Scott Bouthillette

    this is an epic journey.
    keep pushin’

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