A Sydney Send-Off

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Sydney is a beautiful city, inside and out. From the second we arrived here it’s been nothing but good vibes. Everywhere we turn, we see friendly faces smiling and greeting us. Everywhere we look, we see beautiful parks, squares, buildings and open spaces. For these reasons, Sydney is a wonderful city to take a stroll through.

We found this out one night while we walked on our way to a fundraiser for The Prince of Wales Hospital called “Black Tie for Breast Cancer”. Not having any idea where we were headed, it was only kindness and patience from the locals that helped us find our way there, stress free. Putting together our “Black Tie” outfits, however, was a challenge. When you’re living on the road, out of a suitcase, packing into a van full of dudes, wondering if you brought you’re best tux is low on the priority list. But we put on the best clothes we could muster and found our way to Sydney Harbour, where the event was being hosted. The welcoming nature of the strangers on the street helping us with directions was outdone only by the hospitality of our hosts at the fundraiser. Instead of turning up their noses at a bunch of tattooed, underdressed ruffians crashing their party, they welcomed us with open arms, immediately asking about the
cause, our mission, and how exactly Rob was planning to skateboard across Australia. They even had Rob stand up on the podium and say a few words to the crowd. To spare a long story, the night was full of open conversation, open minds, and some pretty sweet dance moves from the S4C team and Doctors alike. In fact, and don’t tell anyone I said this, but the doctors just may have ruled the dance floor on this particular evening.

Aside from rubbing shoulders with the best Sydney has to offer, our time here has been full of planning and shopping. It’s hard to imagine what you will need to survive on the road, but once you start gathering it all its’ quite amazing how big the list gets. Prep is the key word on this skate, because even though we hit two big cities and skate along some pretty populated areas after Sydney, the outback awaits, and if we get too comfortable we won’t be ready. As it stands, the Van has been packed, unpacked, rearranged, and rearranged again, and we finally feel we’ve created a comfortable little home for ourselves over the next little while. We’ll be sure to post some pics of our happy little home soon.

Until then, keep checking the blog, there’s going to be a dope new video dropping soon!

Jamie + The S4C Team

Photography by The New BEAT

We’d also like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to our good friend Will Roman from Rosewood Estates for donating all our equipment to use over these next 3 months!

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