The Busride

Posted in 2004 America Skate.

They were 6 in total. There was Erin and Philip who documented the trip through film and photos, Kyle the tour manager, a friend named Chris W who lent the ever-important aspect of homie support, and Chris the driver. Of course Rob was there too.

Through all of their efforts the team had managed to arrange a small school bus that would house them over the course of their journey. It was filled to the brim with gear and clothes, not to mention the team. For the next five months, everyone planned on eating, sleeping, chilling, laughing and living out of this little bus they called home. So off they went, pulling out of the driveway en route to the city of angels where every body’s dreams come true.

4 days; that’s how long it took them to drive from Newmarket to LA. How long is this gonna take to skate? Obviously he knew it was a hell of a trek, but actually seeing the road in its vastness had been more intimidating than was originally anticipated. It was gonna be intense, there was no question about that.
Although he was nervous about how everything would go, Rob was super anxious to start. Even though the road scared him, it also challenged his sense of determination, and Rob is not the kind of guy who gives up when obstacles pop up. He was ready, it was time to do this thing.


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