Retracing Our Roots

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There’s a whole lot of info on Skate4Cancer but people always want to know more about how everything originally got started. So over the next little bit we’re gonna hit you with some history. The real grit, the true stories, the roots. Here’s how it all went down.

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We’ve all heard about the skates and adventures, the countless obstacles and resulting achievements; but how did it all begin? What happened before Rob got on a board and started pushing?

Well when he was really young, Rob was faced with the tragic reality of Cancer at a very personal level. In a very short time he lost a lot of incredibly important people; something nobody should ever have to deal with, especially a kid. Dealing with his grief was a struggle that took a lot of thinking. So Rob would grab his deck and skate around his hometown of Newmarket for hours, sometimes thinking constantly, other times just meditating in quiet solitude. It was through skating that Rob found clarity and peace. That was when he formulated the idea to organize a skate marathon in order to raise awareness for cancer.

A lot of people ask how to get an idea like Rob’s off the ground and we always reply by saying “you kinda just do it.” That’s really how it starts. Obviously it requires determination and passion, but sometimes you also have to be able to ignore the naysayers and just keep moving. If your heart is louder than their words, you’re probably gonna be able to pull it off.

Rob started by telling people his plan. There was a lot of skepticism but enough support from friends and his own heart to keep the resolve strong. At the time, Rob was super involved with the local punk scene so he started organizing shows to build energy around his idea. The concerts were a success on a few levels. For one thing everybody had a good time, but more importantly, Rob met a group of people who believed in the cause and maintained the same forward-thinking approach as him. They became the Skate4Cancer team.

And that’s really how everything started coming together. One small kid with a big idea and a bigger heart. After a few months of throwing concerts and events the team had built enough energy and confidence to carry them to Los Angeles.


  • ang15

    Crazy. that’s so cool!

  • catlady

    The world needs more positive thinkers, dreamers and people with big hearts like this.

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