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Here at Skate4Cancer we are always open to listen to your concerns, hear your stories and give advice about anything related to cancer prevention, awareness, and support. However, we know that sometimes we can’t respond as quickly as you might need.  Soon we hope our drop-in-center will offer a space you can visit when you need to be around friends, but until then we’d like to share the following recommendations for instant help:

Kids Help Phone is a great communication tool. They are a 24-hour anonymous help line that is directed to young people. You can make a quick call with a question or speak to someone about a feeling you have but can’t find someone to talk about it with. Kids Help Phone counselors are extremely supportive and knowledgeable.


Group Loop is an online organization that is dedicated to letting teens connect through their site to talk with others who have been affected by cancer. It’s a place where you can build emotional support and social support. Teens can create blogs, instant message, and take part in discussion boards. This is a 24-hour service that is available to teens looking to get information on cancer, teens who have/had cancer and teens who know someone with cancer.

Stupid Cancer Forums is a similar concept to Group Loop. It is an online forum and discussion board about cancer news, cancer support and prevention methods. Stupid Cancer answers questions and concerns through threads that are written on by its members. Its members vary in age and diagnosis from survivors, advocates or those who are currently going through treatment. It’s a great way to vent and express who you are.

We hope this helps and you get all your questions answered. We hope to see you at our events and we encourage you to share your story with us!


  • Shelly Law

    I am so happy to know a bit impression about the prevention and concerns against cancer.  I like this post and add in my favorite list. Looking forward more dude!

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