How to Get Involved

Social Networking

Are we getting old or is it ridiculously tough to stay caught up on all these social networks? We’re getting old, you can say it. But whatever, here’s what we’d love you to do:

Facebook:Like” every status update Rob posts and pressure your friends into doing the same.

Twitter: Retweet all of our stuff and add “LOL, @Skate4Cancer you guys are the best” or something like that. For real though, retweet EVERYTHING.

Youtube: Subscribe to our channel cause it’s jammed with sweet stuff.

Tumblr: Follow Rob’s blog and get to know him on a level that’s probably way too close for comfort. | | |

Intern at Skate4Cancer In Toronto

If you’re enthusiastic about our causes and want to have a direct impact on what we do, intern with us at our Skate4Cancer office in Toronto! If your interests include communications, audio/visual, graphic design, PR or fashion then we could use your help! Submit a resume and any suitable portfolio information to [email protected] and let us know why you’d like to join the team.

The Skate4Cancer Documentary: Watch & Share!

The New BEAT presents ‘Dream Love Cure’. This short documentary tells the story of Skate4Cancer through the eyes of those that have been involved with the organization from the very beginning. Watch as the story unfolds from the very first skate in the U.S right until the present as Rob begins his work to open the Dream Love Cure Center.