Frequently Asked Questions

The Dream Love Cure Centre

When will the space be open?

We’ve been keeping busy laying groundwork to get the space open. Unfortunately we don’t have a date set for the opening of the centre, because we are just entering the fundraising stage. Our goal is to open our doors within the next year.

Where is the centre going to be?

We have yet to secure a space, but we’re aiming for somewhere near Queen and University. We want to be accessible for the public, but also the hospital network.

Can I volunteer at the drop-in centre?

Of course you can! We will need plenty of help to keep the centre running efficiently, and hope to be operated primarily by volunteers. Keep checking in for updates on when we’ll be looking for help

Will you be opening centres outside of Toronto?

Right now our focus is on opening one in Toronto. Obviously the dream is to open one everyone - but one step at a time!

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Can I skate with you ?

Yes! Follow us online and find out when we’re going to be in a city near you! We politely request that nobody joins us while we’re on the highway – although we’d love a mob of skateboarders, for safety and legal reasons it isn’t a good idea! Plus, we often hold events in the towns we are touring through and we would love to see you there!

How many kilometres have you skated in total?

19,640 kms! (that’s 12,203 miles!)

How far and how long do you skate each day during a marathon ?

50 to 80 kilometres in around 5 to 8 hours.

What kind of board do you use ?

A regular Element short board with big, soft longboard wheels.

How do you choose where to do your skates ?

We make the decision based on the support of our fans! We like to visit countries that have shown us a lot of love as a thank you and to help expand our relationships with local communities!

Where do you guys sleep ?

Tents, parking lots… sometimes in the van. Sometimes at peoples’ houses!

Why haven’t you skated my country yet ?

We’re getting there! If you rally some support online to show us that you want us to visit maybe your country will be next!

Do you ever skate switch ?

A little bit, but normally only toward the beginning of the day. As the end of a day nears, you become very tired and off balance.

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Cure is Knowledge

How do I get the Cure is Knowledge tour to come to my town?

Show us what’s up! Start a Facebook page! Send us some love and we’ll do our very best to give more back. Example:

I have an idea for a campaign! Will you use it?

We’d love to! Use the “Submit a campaign” button located in the navigation bar to send us your idea. We will take your idea into consideration when we’re planning our next campaign!

Where can I find the campaign flyers? I want to hand them out!

Our pamphlets are available for you to print on each individual campaign page. Help spread knowledge!

Will you come to my high school/college/university and talk!?

Get in touch with us on our contact page and let us know which school you go to and why you’d like us to visit! We try to organize annual tours and we would love to try and visit yours along the way.

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