Host Your Own S4C Event

Hosting an event is a great way to raise awareness and bring a community together. You can help to bring our Cure is Knowledge campaigns to an audience by throwing together anything from a dance party to a documentary screening, and to make things easy for you we’ve made all of our educational pamphlets available and printable on each campaign page.

Right now we’re not accepting donations for S4C, but we definitely encourage fundraising initiatives, and if you have money to donate we’d love if you sent it to Sick Kids Hospital, cause they’re doing AMAZING things over there.

Contact [email protected] with your event ideas and we’ll do our darndest to collaborate with you.

Attend An Official S4C Event

We love to host our own events, which generally combine live music, film screenings and cancer prevention demonstrations. We aim to bring the cancer community together and encourage open discussion. Just keep an eye on our calendar for an event that works for you and come jam with us!

Cure is Knowledge Awareness Tour

Whenever we get a free minute we tend to hop on board various tours and festivals, setting up a S4C tent/table where you can come learn and talk about cancer. We also host our own free Cure is Knowledge tour annually, getting our favourite bands together to help us bring prevention knowledge to youth around the country. Watch the calendar to see if Rob will be at any events you’re attending, and be sure to visit us while you’re there!

School Talks

Have Rob visit your school for a talk about the Dream Love Cure philosophy and all levels of success! Visit our Schools page for more information.