Veggie Burgers

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As a former vegetarian, and now vegan I’ve eaten my share of veggie burgers. It’susually the only vegetarian/vegan option at a regular restaurant. A lot of them are also very mediocre. So what better time then now to learn how to make your own homemadeveggie burgers! Especially because it’s summer and you’ll probably be hitting up a lotof BBQ’s, picnics, and cottages. They freeze well and you can save a heck of a lot ofmoney by making your own.

I will tell you how I make mine, but PLEASE add ingredients, remove ingredients andexperiment. The great thing is there’s no real right or wrong way to make a veggie orgrain based burger. You’ll notice from my picture that I actually made the veggie burgerinto the bun and filled it with even more veggies. I know, genius. But feel free to makethinner patties to put on a burger bun. Again, whatever floats your burger boat!

There are no measurements, because there’s no need to be exact. Base it on volume(how much you want to make or keep as leftovers), and taste the mixture as you goalong until you’ve got it the way you like. To make these walnut lentil burgers you’ll need:
Cooked green lentils (I cook my own, canned ones are a bit too mushy and salty),cooked carrots, toasted walnuts, green onion, nutritional yeast, cilantro, parsley, garlic,ground cumin, ground paprika, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Whiz these ingredients in a food processor until you get a thick paste-like consistency.Shape the patties with your hands. If you’re going to freeze them don’t bake them oranything, just mold them, and wrap in plastic or layer between wax paper and freeze.You can bake these patties, pan-fry them in a light coating of oil or of course, BBQ them. Now go make all your meat-eating friends jealous!

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  • Max Tarkhov

    looks delicious!

  • Lindsey

    When I make my own veggie burgers I add a little bit of sweet chili thai sauce. Yum!

    The only thing I don’t agree with in your recipe is not encouraging the use of canned lentils. If you’re new to vegetarian cooking you have to start somewhere. I find that when I’m in a rush, canned is often the best I can do. Also, throwing in canned chickpeas and black beans is fast and easy too. 

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