Everything Roof

Posted in You Are What You Eat.

It’s a new year and S4C has more exciting projects on the horizon than ever before!

First on the agenda is an initiate that is very close to our hearts. Please take a minute to check out this awesome video produced by our friends “The About Face:” Everything Roof

In collaboration with this inspiring Toronto-based grassroots arts and environmental collective, we want to highlight the importance of eating locally grown food. In big cities like Toronto it can be especially difficult to find healthy fruits and vegetables that haven”t been in contact with unpleasant toxins. In the fight against cancer, urban gardening has a big role to play! Please join us in supporting The About Face and together we’ll stop eating veggies with those bonus pesicides, growth hormones and antibiotics. Good riddance, we say!


Please visit the IndieGoGo page if you wish to make a donation and join the facebook page to show your support!




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