Eating Healthy on the Road

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Skateboarding across countries is something we love to do, and that’s why we keep doing it. It feels amazing to be outside everyday, constantly meeting people and having opportunities to discuss the importance of cancer prevention.

Sometimes, though, it can be tough to follow our own advice when it comes to healthy eating. Being on the move makes it hard to maintain a good diet, when you’re constantly tempted by fast food restaurants. We’ve come up with a few strategies to help us stick to healthier options - you can apply these to your own travelling experiences, as well as to everyday eating:

- We pack a lot of healthy snacks. Apples, nuts and vegetables cure our cravings for food and are so much better for us than potato chips.

- Instead of stopping at fast food restaurants, we visit grocery stores. A lot of them have amazing salad bars or fresh made wraps and sandwiches.

- When we do end up in a restaurant, we aim for foods that have a lot of fibre. Switching to a whole-wheat or whole-grain version of many foods (like pastas) is better for our bodies, and fibre is well recognized as being very active in preventing cancer.

- We never forget to eat. It can be easy to get caught up in our day and miss meals - but the team makes it a priority to eat every meal of the day. It’s important to keep fueled when we’re doing so much excercise, and skipping meals is unhealthy at any time.

Let us know if you have any other great tips for eating healthy while on the road and we’ll see if we can put them to use!

xoxo S4C

  • Carol

    We do travel a lot too, what I normally do post travelling is make a lot of healthy snacks like sandwiches and salad, plus we always carry a lot of fruits. Glad to always hear about someone who does a lot of travelling but never forget to eat healthy.

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