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Listen, we’ve all heard that quitting isn’t easy. And it definitely isn’t any less frustrating when all of your friends constantly hassle you for smoking. Thing is, sometimes even when people are ready to quit they just have a really tough time mustering the will power to make it happen.

So here’s an idea: Instead of stressing out your smoker friends with insults and stuff, just let them know why you’d like them to stop and leave it at that. Then if they eventually do indicate that they’re trying to kick the habit, all you have to do is show them mad support. That way instead of being just another discouraging obstacle you’ll be a supportive friend. Chances are it’ll make all the difference for that person who really needs help in conquering their addiction.

And if the effort doesn’t work at first, show determination by maintaining positivity. At the very least you’ll be demonstrating the art of staying strong to your struggling friend. Let’s show these tobacco companies that chemicals are no competition for love.

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