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While skating the beautiful streets of France we started imagining black and white scenes from old French movies, with everyone always smoking in them. We were stoked to learn that our image was way off - the percentage of people who smoke in France has dramatically decreased since a public ban was put in place in 2007. So awesome! We did, however, get to thinking of ways to help support your friends who still smoke but are trying to quit. We wanted to share some of our ideas with you:

- Make yourself available. Let your friend know that you’re there for them and you support their decision to quit. Try not to make them feel bad if they are struggling, just focus on how great it is that they are trying to shake the habit! Positive reinforcement is very important.
- Don’t steer them into temptation. Like many addictions, environment can really contribute to the desire to smoke. Don’t leave ash trays lying around, or bring them to a place where everyone is smoking.
- If you’re a smoker too, maybe you can give up the habit together? Having someone on your team can be a great morale booster. If you’re not a smoker, offer to give up something else that isn’t good for you. You could cut down on coffee, junk food, or even shopping.
- If body is an issue your friend brings up, remind them that it’s important to exercise, eat well, reduce stress levels and get lots of sleep. All of these things will help with quitting, and in their transition to a healthier way of living.

Just remember that nagging will only make your friend feel worse, and instead be a friend they can trust to discuss their experience with.

xoxo S4C

  • Lo Adele

    4 years smoke free and happy courtesy of the Allan Carr method. Thankful everyday I no longer have to smoke.

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