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You hear so many outrageous horror stories about giving blood. The truth is, it’s never as bad as people tell you. When I had blood taken during a physical recently, I kept thinking about what a painless procedure it was. When I’d told people I was going to have blood taken, I got all kinds of sympathetic, cringing looks.

Is it needles that freak us out? Is it blood? Either way, I have to insist that neither is worth being afraid of. Not when you take into consideration how high the chances of you or someone you know needing it are. People require blood transfusions during all kids of procedures, ranging from loss of blood during childbirth to accident victims, and an incredibly high number of cancer patients.

The really crazy part is how much blood is often required to keep each single patient alive. Your donation could be only 1/4th or less required on one day for someone. Imagine how quickly you would donate blood if you knew your sister or your best friend needed a constant supply to survive.

We need to look past our society’s need to be personally affected by something before we’re willing to make a move. Maybe not today, but someone you know is going to need blood someday. Maybe it will even be you.

Take an afternoon and visit a blood donation center. Focus on the treat you’ll get afterword, and the amazing feeling it will leave you with. You get to help save a person’s life, and probably eat a donut.

Read the donation requirements for Canada here, or look into your local donation center rules.

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And finally, check out our Give Blood campaign page HERE!

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