Have you checked your balls lately?

Posted in Check Your Balls.

Listen up, guys:

Put down that baseball, tennis ball, basket ball - whatever ball is getting all of your attention this summer. Just set ‘er down for a few minutes and ask yourself this question: when was the last time I checked my own balls?

In all seriousness, the importance of regularly performing testicular self-examinations cannot be emphasized enough. Is cancer embarrassed to go down there? Absolutely not. And even more alarming - testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 34. This is not an old man’s disease we are talking about.

There is some good news to accompany that statistic, though: if you detect it early enough, it is almost 100% cureable. That’s amazing! There are very few cancers that can be treated so successfully. So please, don’t take your chances. Don’t give all of your attention to other balls when giving yours a little TLC (tender loving checking?) can literally save your life.

We lovingly urge you to read more at our Check Your Balls campaign page, and check out The Testicular Cancer Society as well.


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